CasastaircaseHonoring the Individual

Casa Esperanza serves homeless women who actively seek opportunities to improve their living conditions through work, education or training. The executive director receives recommendations and referrals from shelters throughout Chicago, targeting clients who demonstrate a commitment to making progress towards a level of self-sufficiency, as well as a desire to make the most of our program. After interviewing potential residents to determine whether candidates are a good fit for the community, the director then conducts initial assessments. If admission is granted, residents are required to meet with the director for case management, where residents and the director work together to set goals and schedule monthly meetings, ensuring that the goals are being met and that the guidelines are being followed. Residents with children are also asked to provide children’s health records, ensuring they are up to date before moving in.

 Criteria for Participation

Casa Esperanza residents are:

  • Homeless women who have been recommended by transitional shelters, other programs or agencies
  • Required to be in school, vocational training or employed
  • Women who have a strong desire to change and a willingness to share the process with other women in the program
  • Willing to contribute a fair share of income toward rent and food costs
  • Ready to participate in personal development programs even if they are actively employed
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