Holistic Programming to Maximize Impact

Casa Esperanza develops holistic forms of motivation to enhance residents’ spiritual, moral and emotional growth. From regular services, community activities and counseling sessions offered based on individual needs, we offer a variety of ways to implement programs and services to enrich our residents’ lives.

Developing Community Partnerships

Casa Esperanza works with organizations and individuals who can make the maximum impact on the residents’ lives, offering parenting classes, training in interpersonal communications, conducting effective job search strategies and resume workshops.These programs focus on developing practical skills, preparing the women for independent lifestyles. The following are among our most current programs offered to the Casa Esperanza community:

University of Illinois: Health and Nutrition

Through the help of the University of Illinois Extension, this popular monthly program educates participants about healthy lifestyle choices including making healthy choices, cooking tips, exercise and priorities that they need to set to stay healthy and clean.

US Bank: Financial Literacy Program

This monthly program focuses on the basics of opening a checking or savings account, information about renting, mortgages and managing credit. These interactive sessions  give participants opportunities to manage their finances and identify the various ways by which they can get themselves ready to be able to experience an independent lifestyle.

Activities and Outings

Part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle includes socializing and having a good time, so in addition to skills-based programming, the residents enjoy frequent activities as a community. From monthly family-style dinners where residents can catch up and share resources  to hosting performances, the program director provides residents with opportunities  to just have fun together.  Holiday parties also provide time for the women and their children to celebrate, feast and enjoy the season. The ladies have enjoyed spa and beauty days provided by local businesses as well as outings to family-friendly venues.